Sunday, June 28, 2009

WOW this is interesting!


Dostoy said...

As a good Presbyterian, I have a lot of trouble with this view. They state that Jesus was a human who attained Godhood...and that basically we all can achieve it. I would rather hold to the traditional Christian view...that Jesus was God Incarnate who came to earth for our behalf. And while I belive we are "children of God" I don't think we will ever "become God" ourselves.

Gimmer said...

The ideas in this video come for the 1920s. I do not think we ever become God nor do I agree with all the views of this video by a long shot but I do think this person is correct we spend too much time on a religion about Jesus instead of the teachings he put forward. I also do not agree with Paul on allot of things and have always felt he had a very Roman outlook and was not at all kind to women because of it. Jesus on the other hand had great empathy for women. I too am Presbyterian.

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