Monday, June 8, 2009

Pressures of instant fame

Broadway stars have advice for Susan Boyle
‘Just work hard and believe in yourself,’ says Constantine Maroulis

Access Hollywood
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Susan Boyle has already wowed Britain — along with the entire world via YouTube — but is the “Britain’s Got Talent” sensation ready for Broadway? Many of the 2009 Tony Awards attendees told Access Hollywood they’d love to see Boyle on the Great White Way.

“Oh, she’s fantastic,” Dolly Parton told Access on Sunday night at Radio City Music Hall in New York. “She’d be great on Broadway. I want to meet her too.”

Broadway legend Liza Minnelli agreed, but warned of the possible pitfalls that can come with fame.

“Why not? I think she would be wonderful!” Minnelli exclaimed, “If she could stand the pressure. You know.”

Allison Janney, who stars in the Tony-nominated “9 to 5,” said Boyle will shine once the media firestorm surrounding her calms.

“She just needs to get all the heat off her from this craziness and settle down and get into her life again,” Janney told Access. “Take advantage of her, you know, newfound fame and do a musical or do things she never thought she’d be able to do. I’m happy for her.”

Constantine Maroulis, who nabbed a Tony nomination for “Rock of Ages,” advised Boyle to stay determined and to never forget who she is.

“Just work hard and believe in yourself. Not to sound too corny. She seems like a nice woman. And the right part for the right person,” Maroulis explained. “You never know. Things can work out.”

As for actress Gina Gershon, she told Access she’d imagined Boyle on a Broadway stage since the second she first laid eyes on her.

“When I saw her tape, the first thing I thought was put her on Broadway,” Gershon said, adding, “She just seems like she would have a blast and she seems to have the right voice and the right attitude for it. I would go see her!”

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