Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Are Ewe Being Served, some sheepish humor.

Dear Mr Evergreen, its thanks tae you
That ah'm a maist satisfied an' pregnant ewe,
Fur efter in yer column there wis mention
That ewes like me were needin' attention.

An' that attention wis o' the sponsorin' kind
A richt guid tug at the heart an' the mind,
Tae exploit me an.' Ma sisters natural needs
Fur the benefit o' the 'Macmillan' nurses deeds.

An' ah let ye ken ah'm boot fit tae burst
Whun ah tell ye ah wis the first,
Tae be marked by yon fine big fit fella
Boy it's a wunner ye never head me bella.

Ah had a nummer sprayed on ma side
No' new lambed, but tae be a Bride!
Ah' ma sisters had the same
But heh! It wis me he taen.

An boy it wis great
Tae reach that climatical state,
Oh kennin' that a Wigtownshire ewe like me
Pit a hunner quid glitter in a Glesga punters ee'.

Ah wis the first in oor flock
An' since ah hae heard o' the talk
O' ither ewes in ither whaurs
Raisin' money wae similar daurs.

Ah hae heard o' ewes up in Perth,
The Borders, Ireland, whaurever there's earth,
Wae ewes at this time o' year needin' served
Readily raisin' fund for a cause maist deserved.

So thanks again Mr Evergreen
I hope you think this note should be seen,
For if you manage tae mak' space for me
Then a Wigtownshire ewe wull hae space for thee.

Ian McHarg
Kirkland, Leswalt

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