Friday, April 4, 2008

Nora had a ewe lamb.

Mally's meek, Mally's sweet,
Mally's modest and discreet;
Mally's rare, Mally's fair,
Mally's every way complete.

Nora had a nice ewe lamb this afternoon.  I really thought she had twins in there but it was a single. Nora has a solid black face but she always seems to have brockie faced lambs. There is a photo of the Tup (ram) I used for breeding this year named Murdo at the bottom of this blog. Nora is happy and contented with her lamb and not too stressed.  She is in the lambing pen by herself.  I named this lamb Mallie after the poem by Robert Burns. I moved the others ewes and their lambs out of the lambing jug (pen) to the main pen of the sheep shed now. Nora is cozy in there with her lamb by herself.  Nora is a very fiesty and agressive mum, she does better by herself.

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Dani said...

awwwww.... so cute!

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