Saturday, April 12, 2008

Maggie and Moss are keeping me busy.

It's been very busy here. I have had little time to write anything much. Maggie had a very hard delivery and we almost lost her to milk fever. She is slowly getting better after allot of vetting and much TLC, She was unable to take care of her lamb Moss so we are raising Moss in the house on milk replacer. Between the lamb and Maggie I am a bit spent. Maggie is finally eating and drinking on her own and we have stopped the drenches and injections. Hopefully she can take in enough now to gain back the weight she lost. Maggie got her head stuck in a livestock panel five days before she went into labor. She did it at night and so was trapped for about 9 hours before I found her. She fought hard the whole time and that is why she had nothing left when it was time to lamb. She was unable to push so I had to go in and pull the wee ewe lamb by hand.


cyndy said...

You must be very tired, but at least you didn't loose anyone. Good thing you were able to help her.

Gimmer said...

Thanks! I feel very lucky. Maggie is my favorite ewe. Today she was even better at eating. It's a race with time as she will not make it if she does not take in enough food. Moss is still in the kitchen and eating very well.

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