Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Rise up the members of this house
Together come as we
For the summer springs so fresh and green and gay
We'll sing you all a blossom
And a bud on every spring
Drawing near to the merry month of May

Rise up the master of this house
All in your chain of gold
We hope you're not offended
With your house we make so bold

Rise up the mistress of this house
With gold all on your breast
And if your body is asleep
We hope your soul's at rest

Rise up the children of this house
All in your rich attire
And every hair upon your head
Shines like a silver wire

God bless this house and all its kin
Its riches and its store
We hope that you will prosper here
Both now and evermore

(The Copper Family)

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cyndy said...

Thank you for all of this wonderful information provided about the history of May Day etc.
I've enjoyed reading all of it.

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