Thursday, April 3, 2008

A hard night in the sheep shed.

I had a rough night I had to pull Maggie's lamb. She was in great distress and not pushing at all. It came out without too much trouble as it was not a bad presentation but the head was stuck. As soon as I reached in I found the head and the wee lamb began sucking my finger while still in the womb. After almost 24 hours the lamb was still OK which is pretty wild. Maggie is on her feet but stressed and looking beat. The vet will come in the morning and give her some antibiotics.

At first I thought Maggie was rejecting the lamb as she would not clean it but she was in fact too exhausted to even pay any attention. She seems to be OK with it now but I milked out some colostrum milk and put it in the lamb by hand as a precaution. I guess it will be another all nighter to make sure ewe and lamb are bonding and OK

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